Friday, March 02, 2007

I love my coffee carrier

I won a LiquidSolution stainless steel massive vacuum sealed coffee travel thingie at the White Elephant exchage this past Christmas. I made Ethan steal it from Mom so I could have it.

Then I promptly put it in the trunk of the car and forgot about it for two months.

I recently remembered it, and decided that it might be useful, along the lines of our more financially-conscious lifestyle. I mix up some General Mills Vanilla coffee mix stuff (tastes nothing like coffee....just the way I like it) with some soy milk and water, then fill the coffee tower up and head off to work. It is 1:21pm right now, and I just drank the last little bit and it is still HOT! The lid doubles as a cup, and it is such a snazzy little system!

I used to pay $3.83 for a chai from Starbucks every morning. Then they sold my basketball teams, so I moved to the hospital Bistro and paid $3.10 for a chai. Now I pay $8.00 for the massive powder container and $3.00 for the soy milk and have my caffeine for weeks and weeks.

I am saving some serious money here.

I also have a nalgene bottle I got for free from the Sonics that I fill with Crystal Light fruit punch and drink. I love it!! Between these two containers, I am sloshing!! I am now bringing bagels and beef jerky and pretzels to work for snacks, and making sandwiches or bringing premade salads for lunch. Safeway has some amazing specialty salads. My current favorite is one with a BBQ ranch dressing and corn, tortilla strips, cheese and tomatoes on top. So good!!!

Anyway. Now you are up on the olde culinary intake of Ms Amerson

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Mama-Beans said...

LOVING the daily updates! That coffee cup.. Target. On sale, End cap, on discount, sale sale... was like $6 bucks. SO glad you enjoy it! sloshing money-saving wishes to you!

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