Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My cats are different

Shadow's tail is 5 inches long
Boo's tail is 17 inches long

Shadow has shiny inky black fur
Boo has brownish-black fur that is more matte than shiny

Shadow has rounded ear tips
Boo has more pointed ear tips with tufts of hair on the ends

Shadow's body is short and stubby (like his tail). He looks like a little bear running around
Boo's body is long and lean. Very lean. His little ribs and backbone stick out because he is way too skinny, although healthy (the vet says he IS too skinny, but has no health problems....just anxiety issues. He lost 3 pounds, from 11.5 to 8.5 over a 12 month period, but $300 worth of tests say that he is perfectly okay, just skinny)

Shadow likes to eat.
Boo likes to eat, then puke (hence the skinniness)

Shadow likes to climb up onto my lap and plop down to snuggle and sleep
Boo likes to climb between Ethan and I on the couch and turn around 14 times trying to find the perfect petting position, then drool and shake his head to flick the drool all around him.

Shadow HATES having his claw covers put on and his claws trimmed. He "hula-hoops" his body when we pick him up to do this, and Ethan has to protect himself with a pillow and blanket so Shadow doesn't scratch him in his haste to get away
Boo 'freezes' when we put his claw covers on, and purrs frantically until we are done

Shadow has golden/amber eyes
Boo has light sage green eyes

Shadow has a full back of hair
Boo does not

Boo crosses his little arms when he sits across the back of the couch (kinda like the Sphinx)
Shadow's arms are not long enough

Boo can leap from the floor up to the 5th step in one jump
Shadow can jump to the second step

Boo REALLY wants a bird. He makes clicking noises when he sees one
Shadow is a big fan of moths that get into the house (very rarely....)

Shadow likes to instigate fights with Boo, but he is a crappy fighter
Boo gets picked on by Shadow, but he is a great fighter and always wins their scuffles (but they are not really fighting, just wrestling)

Both Shadow and Boo meet me at the door when they hear the key in the lock, and follow me everywhere I go. If I go upstairs to get a drink, they follow me. If I go to the bathroom, they lie down in front of the door and wait for me to come back out. I can no longer play hide and seek.


Anonymous said...

I totally checked my cat out after reading this to see what he was like. I don't think I have ever put that much thought into the little things my cat does and doesn't do. Thanks for bringing his quirks to my attention.

Anonymous said...

You should rename your cat to Bulimic Boo
Are you sure he isn't inducing his own vomiting? Maybe you should cover your mirrors with towels so he doesn't have to spend hours looking at himself.