Thursday, March 01, 2007

United Citizens for Uniquely Tricky Subway Sandwich Topping Accommodation Tactics, or "U-CUT STAT"

In an effort to keep my blog entertaining and updated, I am dedicating this post to the Subway U-cut.

Do you remember the U-cut?? As a former Sandwich Artist, I am well versed in the art of the U-cut. The beauty of the U-cut is that you get an even distribution of the sandwich contents, whereas with a plain bisecting cut leaves you with an area where bread meets bread and you get a bite wholly without toppings. A disgrace, that is. The U-cut piece is placed artfully on the top of the sandwich contents like a little beret and serves as a place to rest your fingers without dirtying them as you hold your sandwich, and also helps to keep the contents contained within the confines of the bread.

This new slash cut sandwich crap is woefully inadequate. The resulting V space where the contents are placed tends to push the toppings towards one side, so you get some bites that are all bread, and some that are all toppings, not to mention the shocking amounts of toppings that fall from the sandwich and are either wasted or messily replaced within the bread.

Join me in urging Subway to go back to the U-cut of the past. We deserve even topping distribution in our deli sandwiches!!

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Mama-Beans said...

Hey, you've got my vote! I LOVE subway, but HATE the resulting mess due to the passing of the U-CUT.