Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It is official or "In which Ethan's attributes are bragged upon"

Ethan is poised to be the first ever in the history of Harborview Medical Center's department of Engineering, with it's multiple, multiple divisions--the first ever black (African-American, if you must) lead/supervisor. Ever. First. Numero uno.

Engineering, in my opinion (and this entire blog is strictly *my* opinion, if you did not already know), has always been a 'good old boys' club. People gained positions of power, then hired their friends and buddies for new jobs. There are very, very few people of color. Almost no women. And never has there been a black lead. There was a man quite high in the Engineering department, but he never was a lead, never managed a shop. But Ethan might.

He is now the lockshop. The ENTIRE lockshop. On his own. They are trying to open up a new position ASAP, and Ethan is contacting locksmith friends right and left to get someone who is a really good worker to apply for this new job. He has the chance to get this shop working well, get the systems updated so that security and records are improved.

In short, Ethan will do one hell of a job. One of the greatest things about him is his relentless work ethic. He works until everything is done. The *right* way. Not the easy way. He IS Mr customer service. Back at Argens, he would talk to customers over the phone, do a great job, and when they came to pick up their orders or pay or something in person, they would ask for 'Ethan'. He assured them that he was, in fact, Ethan, but they were thrown. Weren't looking for some young black kid to be that professional, that knowledgeable. That GOOD. He won them over. By the time he left Argens, he was as sought after as Karl, his boss. He will win them over again. People are going to be amazed at how much more efficient the lockshop becomes. No more 6 month waits for new locks. No more lost records. Just efficient, polite, exemplary service performed by a master in his field. Ethan may tell you he is a journeyman locksmith, but in many eyes, he has mastered it. Combined with his skills in customer service, he is an employee worthy of recognition.

Can you tell that I am proud of him??? We have been stressed out about this coming, and we are stressed out a bit less now that he is actually the one and only locksmith, but I know in my heart that he will do an excellent job.

Send him an email to congratulate him! Tell him what a good job you know he will do!

rizonis at comcast dot net

Please do not send him spam. That would so suck.


Davinie said...

I'm glad everything went well. Congrats Mr #1!

Mama-Beans said...

he he.. I read this to Matt and the first thing he said was "Hey, I have the PERFECT thing to send Ethan!" and proceeded to sift through his spam folder. asshole.

Anonymous said...

You both did the right thing.