Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Much ado about nothing....

I really have nothing to post about. Not really. Well, I did just get back from Portland for a bachelorette party. That was lots of fun. We went down on the train Friday and came back Sunday afternoon. The train is nice! We had a group of 4 seats and a table for the 4 of us who took the train down (some drove, some flew). There is a beverage cart on the train, and they served little half-bottles of wine. Lets just say that we cleaned them out.

In Portland, we stayed at the Kennedy school, a McMenamins hotel. It used to be an elementary school, but was closed down because the school needed lots of repairs and the school district had no money (in the 1970's). After sitting empty for quite awhile, it was bought up, restored and opened as a hotel. Within the school, there are 4 bars, 2 restaurants (well, 1 big one and 1 brewery/pub open late), tons of classrooms that have been turned into hotel rooms but still have the blackboards and some original pieces, the teachers lounge is now a locker room for the hot plunge pool, the library is a meeting room, etc, etc, etc. Pretty cool. The grounds are beautiful, too. Lots of green everywhere. A neat place to stay.

We had a great time there, as well as exploring the vast nightlife of Portland and trying out every martini bar known to man. I swear to god. We went to one that had a 15 page BOOK in small print with all their drinks listed out. I had one called 'Banana Bread' with chai liqueur, banana rum, vodka of some sort.....it was WONDERFUL! We all sampled each others drinks, and they were all amazing.
Anyway. Good times.
I got a bit sick Sunday, and ended up calling in sick Monday. Sore throat, zero voice, general fatigue. I swear to god--that number 3 bus is going to kill me! There is tuberculosis, etc hanging out there, I know that is what makes me sick! All those people coming to harborview on the bus, not covering their mouths when they sneeze! I take this bus to work daily and am exposed constantly. Good thing we get a free flu shot every year!

So. That is what is going on in my world. Lots o nothing. I do get to go to the trauma conference in 2 weeks, which will be lots of fun, and the Rose festival in June (and Kael's birthday), but pretty much same old, same old.

Oh, but we are going to have our housewarming party. FINALLY! After living here for a year and a half. We are thinking the weekend of June 1, since we have plans pretty much every other weekend. You are all invited!! (but let me ask Ethan if I can have a party first.....don't just surprise him by showing up. He hates when people come without calling first..........)

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Mama-Beans said...

Dang, your housewarming party is the weekend of Kaels big party!! Well, have a heap of fun!