Monday, June 18, 2007

I lead such a boring life, it is only several times a month I can even come up with something interesting enough to post on my blog.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those times, so prepare yourself for yet another blah blah blah post. Again.

Ethan and I are doing awesome on our 'machine'. He gets on at around 4:15am for half an hour, and I get on once I get home from work, around 5pm. It is a sort of competition, where I 'owe' him if he gets on and I don't, and he owes me if he skips. He threw in some excitement on Saturday when he got on for an entire hour and threw down the gauntlet that I owed him an entire hour, but I perservered and made it. I have fanangled a very fancy book holding on system that consists of a ribbon tied around the console to hold the books open. I always read while I use the machine. Really makes the time pass faster. But it has to be a hard back book--the paperbacks just won't stay open, even with the ribbon.

We are working on working on the yard. By that, I mean that we think about what we could do, but haven't actually done much. I did buy some weed killer stuff. Oh, and some bark chips.

In the back, I just need to dig out the dead bushes that I killed off, and tack down the anti-weed cloth and put bark chips over it.

In the front yard, I killed off all the stuff growing outside of the fence, and we are going to lay down the anti-weed cloth, cover it with bark chips and get some huge pots and put some bushes in them to keep people from parking right there. Inside the fence, I have my lovely rose bushes. I am constantly battling the stupid ivy and climbing crap that comes from the neighbors and winds its way around the roses. I got some killer stuff made for roses that I will try spreading to kill that, but I am not holding out much hope. Those things are tenacious! My orange and deep pink roses are fine (on the other side of the yard). The problem is, the climbing things come from under the fence in my neighbor's yard. Not much I can do about that!!

Anyway. My thrilling life revisited.

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Mama-Beans said...

Yah, I've got a list of stuff a mile long that I'm gonna do... someday. I don't think you're boring!
More cat pictures, please! Try to get them with something on their head.. photo challenge.