Friday, June 22, 2007

It is official!! I am going to Australia in September. I bought my ticket yesterday. I leave the evening of the 14th, after I get off work, and I return on the 28th. I get to Sydney a day ahead of Mom and her team, so I am going to get a hotel right downtown and do something fun on my own that day. Can I tell you how very excited I am about travelling across the planet alone and spending the day being touristy by myself?? Really. I am going to have tons of fun with mom, but I am such an introverted recluse it will be AWESOME doing things by myself.

I think, based on what I currently know about the itinerary for Mom and her practices, etc, we are going to do tours in Sydney until Sunday, the 23rd. I want to definitely go to the nearby Blue Mountains and tour around there. Lots of cool rock features, a huge canyon with a gondola sort of thing that can take you to the bottom of it; fun, fun, fun. I also am going to do the Sydney tower, walk across the Harbor Bridge, do at least one harbor cruise, see the opera house...stuff like that. With Mom's practices, I may do some of these on my own, but lots of them will be together.

On Monday, I think we head out. Mom wants to go to the Great Barrier Reef (or the big reef as she has been referring to it....I told her she needs to get a travel book on Australia so she knows what is where and what is what....), and I have been talked into it based on lots of cool things around Cairns, including but not exclusive to the reef. So I say we fly to Cairns on Monday, spend that day doing the rainforest areas, then do the reef all day Tuesday. Maybe fly from there to Brisbane on Wednesday instead of Sydney, and explore there, go kayaking (mom's one big request) and take a train back to Sydney or rent a car or something. We fly out on Friday afternoon, so there is leeway.

I am getting so excited!!!


Mama-Beans said...

That is so awesome! Incredibly jelous! I'm gonna be firmly "middle aged" before those kind of trips are even possible! How very very cool that you get to do it all now! YAY for doing life experiences in ORDER!!

Davinie said...

Have a great time! Bring me back something cool!

I wish I could do it... I thought about it for a few seconds. Gimme a few years.

alyca said...

I gotta figure out what *the* cool thing is to bring back.......want some Vegemite???

Mama-Beans said...