Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So, they did not make it to Paris. There was some sort of flood in the tube and they ended up missing their train because of it. But....they had a great day. They did a walking tour of the city (guided), and Ethan said it was a lot of fun. They also sat in on some court cases, which Tobias of course loved....but Ethan said it was really interesting--they watched as a shoplifter with a few minor previous incidences was sentenced to 2 1/2 years. For shoplifting!! Not even a car!! Shoplifting!! I guess if the penalty is stiff enough, it really would make you think twice before you do the crime!! Ethan really liked the court part. Very educational and interesting at the same time.

Today, they are in Amsterdam. They had a 1200 flight in, and at this hour they are probably both sleeping (it is 1am there now), or partying. Hopefully partying. I hope they have a wonderful, wonderful time. The weather has really cooperated so far--it supposedly rained all day Friday, but when they landed in London at 6am, it was sunny and nice and has been nice the whole time. London!! Not rainy!! That is as common as Seattle.....(although it has been beautiful and sunny here all week. Thanks El Nin~o!!) So good weather, good friend, new city, new country---great times!!


Mama-Beans said...

Bummer about Paris, but it sounds like they're managing to have a good time anyway ;-)

Davinie said...

I'm sho they are havin' a good time in Amsterdam.