Monday, October 09, 2006

Update to the European Adventure

Okay, I got my first phone call from London last night. At midnight. Which was fine, because hey--it was Ethan!!

Impressions of London: Everything is so expensive!!
What he has seen so far: A bus and boat tour of the city, Big Ben, and 'a whole lot of museums and libraries'. He is hoping to go to Buckingham Palace today and see the changing of the guards
Cost for our 5 minute phone call: Over $10


Davinie said...

The changing of the guard is a popular event.... hundreds of people turn out... so it's a good thing they are staying close... they'll have a better chance of getting a spot where they can see something.

Was he having a good time? They must have gone to the National Museum?

Is he taking the pictures like you wanted? Is Tobias taking picture of him as well?

They must be pubbin' all day. Have him take pictures of pub signs so you can do a layout just on the different pubs. They always have the quirkiest names. Have him take pictures of pub signs, and then have someone take a picture of the two of them with a pint. That would make a cool scrapbook page!

alyca said...

He sounds a bit bored. Tobias is really into the more intellectual stuff--obscure museums of old books and things, Ethan was wanting to go to the British Museum--lots of Egyptian artifacts and ancient Roman things, sounded pretty cool to me....
We knew that London might become an academic fest for Tobias--he has been there before and seen all the 'tourist' spots, and wanted to see the academic stuff this go around. Ethan just needs to speak up and push for the touristy things, too. He is paying just as much as Tobias, and this is HIS vacation too!!

It should be more fun today. They will go a-pubbin' and see all the good stuff. Ethan really wanted to have some real English fish and chips.
His take on the Breakfast at his bed and breakfast??--"really salty"

I think it will become more fun for him as they get going.