Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I am going on a day hike tomorrow. Wanna see why??
This is Gem Lake. It is in the Cascades, off of I-90. It is beautiful. Here is more info. http://www.hikerbob.com/guide.php?hike=G033


I always end up sitting around on my days off, doing pretty much nothing. I have wanted to go to Mt. Rainier for a long time, to take pictures in the hopes that I get one or more that are good enough to blow up and frame on my wall. Ethan says he wants to come with me to Rainier, so I am going to do some other nature things instead. This will be my first. It is supposed to be a pretty tough hike, about 9 miles round trip, but a few of my coworkers who are expert hikers/climbers have given me tips and I think I will be fine. Weather should be awesome, and pictures hopefully will be as well!

I pass Snow Lake first, which is bigger and fairly easy to get to, then a couple miles more to Gem Lake. I have a backpack, bottles of water, an extra shirt, windbreaker, trail mix, energy bars, my camera and accessories, tripod, trail map and info....I think that is about it. Oh, and sunscreen. Come on, this is ME we are talking about! Can't go ANYWHERE without sunscreen! Oh, and a book or two and my cell phone and a little am/fm radio with a clock.

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Mama-Beans said...

WOW that is beautiful! You are going to have SUCH FUN!!