Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More ortho poetry (first draft)

One morning on ortho, while I looked through a chart,
I saw something inside that gave me a start;

My patient, the one in the green stripey gown,
Was injured while drunkenly monkeying around;

Wrestling over the remote control,
Her back went ‘snap’, and she said ‘Whoa!!’

So now she’s here and low and behold—
She’s wearing a lovely T-L-S-O

Another patient was tipsy as well,
When a bush reached out, grabbed him and he fell;

Now this was not a typical fall,
The man fell over an overpass wall!

It seems he was skin popping into his tush,
When he stumbled backwards, over that bush;

Lucky for him, he bounced when he hit,
But with his teeth, his lip he bit;

A broken pelvis and two shattered knees,
He lay there calmly, cool as you please;

The medics found him there, just resting up,
With his 20 gauge needle still stuck in his butt!

All of our patients here have unique histories,
Like the guy whose kite carried him up three stories;

While flying this mammoth behemoth outside,
A wind gust caught it and took him for a ride;

Now, most of us would have let go of the string,
But no, not this guy—kites are his thing;

So thirty feet up into the air,
He flew with the wind ruffling his hair;

But when the wind suddenly stopped,
The kite slowed down and he quickly dropped

Down to the ground, then to our ER
‘Harborview hospital—that’s where you are’

‘Cause whether you come from Bozeman or Kent,
Anchorage or Boise—to Harborview you’re sent

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Mama-Beans said...

YEAH YEAH!! I LOVE Ortho Poetry!