Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Okay, today I 5S'd (Sort, Simplify, Sweep, Standardize, SOMETHING), which means I did not have patients. Nevertheless, I have a quote for today. From a movie I watched last night which made me want to spit a liquid of some form from my nose. Probably milk, because I think that would be the least painful.

"God is just an imaginary friend for grown-ups"

Come on---that is funny! You must admit. I giggled a bunch over that one. So.........Tomorrow, more 5S'ing, in which I may or may not find humor. More likely may, since it is ridiculous. 5s is basically a thing where we reorganize the nursing station, which is horrible if you are taking care of patients THAT DAY, but okay afterwards, since it is nice and organized. But today and tomorrow, lots of construction and debris, so we shall see. I spend my day apologizing to all the REAL nurses for being in the way....


Mama-Beans said...

Yes, that is a funny one! I've heard it before and i remember doing something similar.. things change though!

Marilyn Lines said...

Hey you! I lost your email. Drop me a note please so I can eamil you back. I have a letter for you and no address. could you supply that too please? Thanks. I have been reading your blogs when I can so I have sorta been keeping up. Talk to ya later friend.