Sunday, July 03, 2005

So, today is July 3. Yesterday, we spent almost the entire day watching the 4400 marathon on USA, starting at 9am. What a good series! We saw every episode from the very first one, and are thoroughly hooked.

What else.....I am working 8 hours today, and Ethan came in for some OT since his boss screwed him and called in sick for no reason last week (apparently the RN in employee health told him he had a mild fever, so he went home early Thursday and no-showed Friday. How convenient that he is taking vacation all this week. Pure coincidence, I am sure), and at the last minute dumped an entire building worth of locks on Ethan, which he had said he was already working on/finishing up. Turns out, he never even started the job, and the Medic 1 people need to move into their building by Wednesday, and they need the locks on before that, so Ethan is stuck working on it to get things all done. Not fair. It was nice, though, to have several people in the engineering department tell him that they wish HE was the lead and Dean was the shop guy. Nice to feel a little appreciated.

Anyway, we are going over to Justins for a bit to check out his BBQ, then we are off to the Storm game at 6pm. I am working again tomorrow, but only 8 hours. We have not yet decided what we are going to do after that......

You know, this blog is terribly boring. Nothing interesting happens in my life. Always same old, same old, with occasional rants about random things.

Can I just say that I really love my cats? I think we love our cats more than anyone loves their pets (except for the wierd people you hear about that make little cat clothes for their cats and put them in purses and carry them around everywhere) We really like them. And they love us, too. They meet us at the door when we get home, 'plop' so we can pet them, head butt us if we aren't petting them exactly how they want us to, and generally entertain us with their kooky antics. Cats are great.

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Mama-Beans said...

I must be tereibly boring then, as I LOVER reading your posts! You do neat things in your life, with the sports events and exciting work stuff.
No, not weird to love your cats.. But if YOU ever dress them up and carry them around in a purse... well I won't tell you what I'd think, suffice it to say that would be odd... But to each his own. I've dressed Peanut up before, adn I carried him around in a baby sling, so I guess I'm already guilty!