Thursday, August 11, 2005

Apparently my left leg went hiking yesterday and left my right leg behind. My entire body except for my left leg and butt feel humm ho, but my left leg must have been climbing around on it's own, because it is SORE! My quad and my butt. I admit, there was a certain amount of climbing done, but it wasn't enough that I should be sore, and especially not on just the one side. Very strange.

Enough about my butt........I am thinking of going hiking around Mt. Rainier tomorrow. The only reason I might not is that I am working until 1130 tonight, and may be fairly tired tomorrow morning, and, it is a LONG drive, almost 2 hours, and I am not sure that I should be doing that on a Friday, since I will be driving back north within the Friday rush hour period of 1pm-8pm, and that would suck. BUT....the rush may not be too terrible heading north. We shall see.

Maybe I will just stay home and scrapbook. But that does not count as exercise!!! I lost my 24 hour fitness card, and I know it is in the house somewhere, but I simply cannot find it. So I need to bring $10 with me to get a new card, and that is shameful. Oh, well. Ethan and I have started going together on the days when I either don't work and am home or I work 8 hours. He also goes at 4am 5 days a week for cardio (he just lifts in the afternoons). I could really care less about the weight training, except for my 2 favorite machines--calves and biceps/triceps. I just get on the fancy shmancy elliptical machine with a big book that will lay open on its own and plow along until Ethan is done. Keep it up!! We are determined not to be the chubby couple when we get to Puerto Vallarta in November. At this rate, we may make it. I am sure Ethan will, but my determination is always being tested. Although---I am eating much better, I have cut out a lot of sugary crap that I usually eat, and I am not drinking very much chai anymore--I found a ginseng energy sort of drink that tastes good and has no calories, so that is a start. Go, Alyca, go.

Other things......the cats are being awfully cute lately, but that is always there. Ethan refuses to help me in my quest to put the mini jersey and mini Seahawks helmet on Shadow for a photo op. He would only hate it for a minute, and forget all about it, but he won't help me and I can't do it on my own. Trust me, it would be adorable. Boo is even doing better. He now sports a full back of hair, no more bald spot, and he is softer and drooling less. I think Shadow finally taught him how to swallow. He was actually a hang-out Boo-kitty the other night, which is rare for him. Usually, he wants to Meow (or Me---) at us and drool and flick his drool on us then go sit on the top of the couch and watch us. Now, on occasion he will relax and just sit in our laps and not freak out. The Shadow-man is also adorable, but he always has been. I love it when he plops on our feet and rolls over so we can scratc his belly while turning his head upside down. So cute! And, he smiles. He has a sorta permasmile where his little mouth turns up on the ends, and he is so expressive! You can totally tell what mood he is in by his ears, eyes and tail. His tail may be short, but he uses every last inch of it.

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hey did you get that cat picture I e-mailed you?