Wednesday, August 24, 2005


All right.........really slow day at work today, so not much to report here........
Boring/easy patients, for once, which is great because I am TIRED. I did not sleep well last night, for some reason.

I have decided to make an appointment to get my hair cut/highlighted and my eyebrows and eyelashes dyed. It has been awhile. It is just so stinking expensive! I can go to the cheapie place, but I had some highlights put in once there, and they looked pretty crappy. We have so many other things going on the credit card this month, it is hard to justify it. I will talk to Ethan. He always says go ahead, no problem, so I will feel better and do it. We have to send the deposit for the house on Rockaway Beach in December this week ($250), and pay for my Orthopedic Certification exam ($220) that I will take in October, to get a $1 an hour raise, and a haircut/color/eyebrow/eyelash dye, etc will be like $150 if I go to the salon I like. Talk about spendy! Also, we need to get our plane tickets to Puerto Vallarta pretty soon, and we have Sonics and Storm tickets on a monthly payment plan, so that is also due, and we bought into a one-time time share trip to Cabo San Lucas, which is a $115 a month payment til it is paid off, so there are lots of things to juggle. AND, we want to pay off our condo, so that makes things interesting. Maybe I will just spend $12 and get it cut at supercuts across the street.

Either way, I am not hiking tomorrow. I want to sleep in! I got up early yesterday (well, at 7am, so I technically slept in, but I do not feel rested), and today I work, etc. I need a day of sleeping in! Hiking takes up a lot of time with the drive to and from, so I could use a day at home to catch up on things. Also, we have a Storm game tomorrow evening, which will be fun. Always a good time.

I somehow managed to get Labor Day weekend off, which is a sort of miracle since the previous 2 times I have requested a weekend off I have been shot down. Since the camping idea with the Merritts and Fieros fell through (time off work/anniversary and trip to Wyoming), we are staying up here. Justin organized a camping trip to somewhere in the North cascades that he has been to before, so that should be a ton of fun. We have a tent, but no sleeping bags, and pretty much NOTHING else. That is okay. We have lots of blankets. Someday we should invest in a mattress pad or sleeping bag for 2 or something. Maybe Papa has something we can borrow....

We are going to Papa's house on Saturday for a BBQ. I need to look up some wild boar recipes for some of our roasts, so I can marinate one and bring it with us. We want to contribute! I think Jobie and Ty Leigh will be there also, so it should be a good time. We will meet Cynthia, as well. It will be nice to see the new house and how it is looking, and Ethan can reacquaint himself with his minibike. I will have to remind Jobie to plug it and charge it up so Ethan can take a spin.

All in all, we are not doing much. Lots of hiking for me, lots of exercise together and separately for both of us (not going to be the chubby couple in Puerto Vallarta), so I guess we are healthier now just living our boring lives out.........Oh--we also have ANOTHER free trip to Vegas coming in the mail, in addition to the one we already had. So that is 2 now, plus Cabo and PV and I am going to go probably to Disneyland with Alexsandra sometime. Busy schedule!!

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Mama-Beans said...

You ARE a busy busy girl!!
Bummer about not coming down here for Labor Day weekend.. if your plans fall through you can always come down and stay with us! rae can sleep in our room.. We DO miss you!