Friday, August 26, 2005

Yet another day in paradise

Back at work again, but only for 8 hours today, so it feels SHORT! We had a Storm game last night, and it was a win, so we have now clinched home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Go Storm! We have another game on Saturday, which is the last game in the regular season. Should be another great game. And, it is at 330pm, so we will have time afterwards to do other things. Maybe go out to dinner or something.

Today is another mundane day at work, for the most part. I won't bore anyone with the details...

So, I have reason to believe that there is a possibility that I have people who read my blog and DO NOT COMMENT. Can we go over blog etiquette? COMMENT! I want to know who is out there and what kinds of things you want to read about.....

Okay, all about me. I have discovered that I am a passionate person and I believe in things very strongly. I have ideals, as do we all. Lately, I have started wearing awareness wristbands for causes near and dear to my heart. I have put myself at a limit of 4 on my right wrist, because that is how many I can manage and not get too clumpy or feel like a 6 year old kid.

I have had the yellow LIVEStrong wristband for about 14 months now. I got it right before the Tour de France last year, and have had it on ever since. I am sure everyone knows what this one is about, but go to to find out more. I wear it because the foundation supports cancer research and patient education, so that patients know what their diagnosis is, what their options are, and where they can go to get more info. Great cause, great story, check out "It's not about the bike" by Lance Armstrong. Great read.

I am also wearing a red wristband that says '1200' on it on one side, and on the other side. I wear this one because I am an anti-smoking fanatic, as I feel all healthcare workers should be. I dislike smoking. I hate the smell. Yes, I can smell it on you when you are not smoking. YOU can't, but that is because you are destroying your smell and taste receptors with all the crap you are inhaling. Trust me--I can smell it on you, and you smell horrible. You smell ghetto, whatever you want to call it. AND, you know better, which makes it worse. You subject your family, your pets, your coworkers to this stink, and it is not fair. I also hate the cigarette butts. They are everwhere. EVERYWHERE. I went hiking up Mt Rainier a few weeks ago, and there were butts along the trail. Saddest thing I ever saw. I picked them up and threw them away with my trail mix bag when I was done hiking. Was that so hard? AND, you smokers are clogging up the health care system and making it all more expensive for EVERYONE. Know what?? I don't have much sympathy when you come in with lung cancer and emphysema or COPD. Don't get me wrong, I am nice and do my best to make you comfortable and take good care of you, but I am NOT sympathetic. You knew better, yet you continued to smoke=your own fault. Anyway.....I have more of these left, and if you truly want to wear one, I will send it out free.

My third wristband that I am currently wearing is whitish/clear in color, and says "our vision is clear" in braille along one side, and From the foundation fighting blindness. I wear this one for my mom. My mother is blind because of a genetic disorder called Usher's syndrome, and this foundation is the one that will eventually find a cure or a treatment to save vision in these people. I support that! I have several of these left, if anyone is truly interested. They come in packs of 10 for $3 each wristband.

My fourth wristband I have on now is my newest. It is red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, and says PRIDE on it. I do not remember the website of the organization where I bought this one, but it is for 'gay pride', support for people who are gay/lesbian, support for people who are too afraid to wear one because it might make them a target, support for your own sexuality being your own business, and no one elses. I read a post somewhere about someone wanting to wear one, but being afraid that they would be a target of hate crimes or horrible remarks, and I thought that totally sucked. So I wear one. And I have not had any bad comments or anything like that, just a few inquiries into what it stood for, which I am happy so share. To me, it also represents diversity, which is another of my causes.

One wristband that I had to rotate off to keep the 4-band limit was a dark green one with "Supersonics" written on it. Check out my posts from back in late april for why the sonics mean so much to me!

I also have removed my red, white, and blue wristband that said "team USA 05" on it, that I was wearing in honor of my mom participating in the world championship of paddling in Berlin in August. SInce the championship is over (she got 6th!), I took it off since I have that 4-band limit, and I needed the space! I am keeping the extra bands, not sure what I will be doing with them, but I am sure I will come up with something.

And now you know a little more about me.


Mama-Beans said...

I will admit to being one of the rude non-commenting readers.. Sorry! I know I love comments on my blog as well! Yes, I would really love one of the blindness bands.. seems like a great cause!
Your work is NOT boring to me.. very neat, all the stuff you have to deal with!

Raegan misses you, and is wondering where your picture/index card is! Are you making one?

alyca said...

no, no, no---there are people who have NEVER commented. I also suck on commenting at each and every post, but that is just life.

Marilyn Lines said...

Hi Alyca. Yes, I am one who has only left one comment - mainly because the public computers at work don't allow this kind of stuff. I would love a blindness wrist band if I could get it from you please. I have always admired and respected your mother for continuing to live as she does inspite of her blindness. See ya later.

Mama-Beans said...

HI Marilyn!