Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Denny Creek

Today, Jobie and I headed out on a hike. Our original intent was to go to Rachel Lake in the Eastern part of Snoqualmie pass. However, Jobie got us completely lost. I hate to throw it out there like that, but it was all his fault. He had the map and was directing me along the forest service roads, and we got lost. So.....we drove around these increasingly primitive roads and decided that we had no idea where we were. Nevertheless, we stopped the car atop a high ridge and found a stream. We took a few photos there, then headed back to the car. Yet ANOTHER wrong turn had us quite decided that we did not need to go to Rachel Lake, so we headed over to Denny Creek, which is along the Lake Melakwa trail. About 45 minutes along or so, you get to the creek crossing, so we decided to head up there for some photo opportunities. We had such a good time! Talked about everything under the sun, took some great photos and did some exploring. We definitely want to go back there again, perhaps with our significant others, and perhaps at another time of year when there is more water, for a different look at the water scene.

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