Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I am happy to announce that I am now able to french braid my own hair. Yes, it is true. I wore a single french braid out in public today, and was told by the little old lady who delivers books and magazines to our patients that it looked "elegant". ELEGANT!! And, the other day I made TWO, yes that is TWO french braids while at work, when my bun became itchy and failed. And only one person pointed out that the part was uneven in the back!! Not bad, considering that I did it in the break room with a teeny mirror above the sink and no comb/brush. Go, Alyca!!

And, Ethan is now working 4-10 hour shifts. Well, today he is working 6am to 1130pm, but in general it will be 0600 to 2330, with Fridays off. This week, he has Wednesday off, since his boss is going hunting on Friday. But that will be so nice! Ethan has been wanting to go hiking with me, but I am reluctant to go on the weekends, since it gets pretty crowded on the trails. Now we can go on Fridays, which should be fun.

Also, we booked our flights to Puerto Vallarta yesterday. Ridiculously expensive, but necessary. Last year, a RT flight was around $280-$300, but we just paid $820 for one ticket (!!!), but got our second for $50 with our Alaskan Airlines Visa Platinum card. So that helps. A ticket on NWA was $500, but with the two of them that was more expensive than AA. Our flight leaves at 0615 on the 29th of October. We are going to make sandwiches to bring on the flight, because their new policy is that they only feed the first class passengers, and we can only eat if we pay $5 in cash each. And airplane food sucks!! So we will bring our own. We return on Saturday, November 5 at 2230pm, not too bad, since we will have SUnday to recover. So exciting! It should be a great time. Justin and Kim are coming for 5 nights, and I think that will be awesome. We like them.

Last but not least, I beat Ethan in our fantasy football league this week, which was week 1. With my own team that I drafted with minimal assistance from Ethan. Actually, after I bragged how I won the regular season last year with no help ( he helped a bit, I will now admit), he refused to give me help this year. But.....I did good! I changed TE's at the last minute since my #1 guy was questionable, and put in my #2 guy who is supposed to be a great sleeper, although he is just coming off of surgery on his leg, and my #2 guy, Troupe, had a TD in the first quarter. Right off the bat! And a TE doesn't usually do a whole lot of scoring, fantasy wise, so it was awesome. Also, my Defense that was taken so late in the draft and was suspect (Ethan did make a point of saying that the Vikings D sucked, just AFTER I drafted them...hey--they were ranked #8 on two of our sources!!), but they scored a TD also, which just DOES NOT happen that often. Go me! I also won in our other league, but I really don't care much about that one, so I am less excited. All in all, a good week for me.

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