Friday, September 02, 2005

Those who care will be happy to now that I have purchased an external hard drive with 100Gb of space, so I now am able to digital-scrapbook again. Yippee. It has been awhile. We still want another computer (I want a laptop), but we can wait for it. This one had been within 86mb of being entirely full and crashing on me.

Also, Ethan might be able to work 4-10 hour shifts a week, and have Fridays off. That would be great. He would start at 0600 and work until 1630, which is not too bad. Half an hour earlier than he works now, but still okay. Hopefully this will work out. He got a verbal okay on this, but they said they need to fill out the official paperwork and have it officially approved, so we will have to see.

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Mama-Beans said...

Yeah for scrapbooking!
Yeah for better shift hours!