Thursday, September 08, 2005

So, we had a great time camping over the weekend, despite the torrential downpour of rain. I have actually never been camping in the rain before, so that was entertaining. We actually had a tarp system worked out with the tarp being held up with grocery bags tied together being the ropes. It was ugly, but it worked (for the most part). We added ropes later, and that worked well, as did the appropriate length branch we found to hold the roof up more. All fun. We had a great fire built up (in an approved fire pit), spent some time wandering around by the river and in a huge field playing Bocci ball, which was fun. Ethan and I took an early lead, but ended up not winning. But we had a lot of fun anyway.

Not much else going on.....I have made it a personal goal to finish watching the first season of Lost before the second season starts later this month. We watched the first 1 1/2 episodes last night, and will watch more maybe Friday or this weekend. We will make it! I didn't watch the series last year, I think because of sonics games or something, but I really wanted to follow it and not come in having no clue what was going on. So now I will have it all sorted out.

And.....just more work going on. I am working 4 hours of overtime tonight (getting off at 1930 instead of 1530), and called Ethan to tell him this, and of course he one-upped me by saying that he was about to call me to say that he was working until 2330 tonight. Whatever. It will look great on our paychecks, and our W-2's will look nice when it comes time to get pre-approved for a mortgage for a house. Hopefully this will help! I am going to go over to Suze Orman's site and ask her. Ethan has ultimate faith in her knowledge. I am wondering if it makes sense to do what we are doing (putting tons of extra $$ each month into paying off our curent mortgage), or if we should be taking that same money and putting it into savings each month as a down payment for another house. That to me is starting to make sense, although if we go in with low/no down payment, we will be refinancing in a bit as soon as we sell our condo, and paying down that loan a ton. So, we will have to see what Suze has to say.


Davinie said...

Suze is going to probably tell you to do both. You should have 9 months of living expenses saved...

As for LOST, I never watched it either, but happened to see the last 3 episodes, and I'm hooked! I have to get the first season and catch up before the second gets going. I didn't think it would be something I'd like, but it is very fascinating!

Glad you had fun camping.

alyca said...

Yeah....I spoke with Ethan, and forgot that if you don't have a 20% down payment, it doesn't really help much. We are planning to get an interest only mortgage, then get a new one after we fix up and sell this condo. We do have I think $8000 or so in savings and in a CD, so we are okay, and have disability insurance in case either of us will be out of work for 90 days or more. I figure the $8000 would get us through 90 days, but would be a sucky position to be in anyway.

Yeah, I really like Lost! We are only still working on the first CD, but we will make it!!

Mama-Beans said...

Another Lost fan here... Catching up on last season now... new season soon!! YEAH!