Saturday, April 08, 2006

In all likelihood, my husband is going to divorce me. Well, only if he reads this blog. Or checks the credit card bill online. Which he does (check the credit card, I mean). I went a little cookoo at JoAnns the other day. I got some black fleece fabric to use for photo backdrops (it was 50% off), then got some storage things for my tiny scrapbook stuff ($2 each). Those are actually really cool. There are 17 compartments in each, each one is maybe 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches tall, with one bigger double size compartment. Perfect for brads and beads and photo turns and metal things, and my eyelet setter fits PERFECT in the bigger compartment on one of them--so one is all eyelets, divided by color, with the eyelet setter, one is all brads and some random other things like clothespins and little hangers and fabric flowers, one is a variety of metal embellishments--plaques, photo turns, photo corners, etc, and a 4th one is all page pebbles, divided by shape and size. I have a 5th one that is currently empty and waiting for me to put things into it. So, those are cool.
THEN...I bought things to put IN these containers--eyelets, etc. All were 40% off. Damn JoAnns for having a sale!! I got one of those big stacks of 12x12 paper, they are usually I think $25, but were on sale for 9 bucks each, tons of different patterns and prints. I got lots of stuff that was on sale. I got caught up in the Spring/Easter section after that, where everything was 50% or more off. Not good. At the cash register I learned that even if everything is on sale and a good price, you can still spend a lot of money. Not so much that I put everything back, but enough that I paused before sliding my card, and wondered if they were over charging me (they weren't).

After this escapade, I went to Target and got some storage containers. I had one already, and needed a couple more. These are maybe 10 inches by 6 inches around, and each section is about 2 or 3 inches tall, and the two sections snap together on top of one another, with a nice green lid on top. I now have 3 total, for 6 sections. The inside of 3 of these sections have removable divider cups, 6 total sections in groups of three, with a removable lid. I removed the small cups and placed my paper punches in them, one punch per cup, then labeled the front of each with the shape of the punch. These all stack on top of one another, and will look very spiffy on my desk, once I HAVE a desk...The bigger containers, that I have six sections of (remember??), I put my foam stamp alphabets into, one alpha per container, and snapped them all together into one big stack. I labelled the front of each section with the name of the alphabet stored inside. I only have 3 stamp alphas right now, but I have room to grow now. See how organized I am?!?
I also bought some small glass jars, styled after those old ones that have a rubber seal at the top with an attached glass lid that seals on with this sort of funky metal attaching clippy thing. Like the ones Mom had for spaghetti or sugar or something. Very nice. I need to get more, though...they were $1 each at Michaels (did I mention that I went there too??). I am separating out my fibers/ribbons that are loose by color, all reds in one, all blues in another, etc. I will line these up on the back of my lovely desk in a lovely rainbow, where I can see them and remember what I have, so I will be more likely to actually USE them. All the storage things I bought are see-through so I can actually see what I have, and I won't forget that I have things and not use them, or buy doubles of them. Davinie gave me some storage things for 12x12 paper that are cool and very useful. I separated out my solid colored cardstock by color into some of these, and my patterned cardstock by type of pattern (stripes, flowers, swirls, etc), although now I am thinking that maybe I should separate those by color too......but a lot of them are lots of colors and I have to figure out exactly which color it belongs too and that sounds like an ordeal, so maybe I will just leave it.
I am so excited about getting my scrapbook room! I need to get going on finishing my quilt, too, and the sewing machine lives in there. AND I am going to make a couch cover with the Seahawks logo somehow, and need to do that....lots o' crafting coming my way!!

(just don't tell Ethan, because if he divorces me he gets the house and I lose my scraproom, it is all in his name.....)

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Davinie said...

You haven't mentioned how much you spent on this shopping spree....... but it's all in the name of a creative outlet, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's good for the brain, the soul, and the body! Tell him you did it for your health. :)