Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Today I mowed my lawn for the very first time

And it was long overdue. I went to Home Depot and bought an electric mower (less polluting, no gas needed, and really--our yard is TEENY), and an extension cord and mowed the front (Ethan can figure out how to get this thing down all the rocks into the even teenier back yard to do that one), and that was tons of fun. Smells nice! I also bought a bunch of seeds and some bulbs and a seedling grower and plant food. Did I mention that I have rosebushes?? There are some that are labelled. THese are the flowers I will have!!

There are a couple more bushes that arent labelled, but these will be a nice start! They are called America, Folklore and Tropicana. I also have some Hosta plants growing, one under the front steps and one under the deck out back. They are really pretty with huge wide green leaves, and will have a tall stalk of purple flowers later this year. I bought bulbs for lavender calla lilies and dark pink begonias.
It is so nice living somewhere where things grow! My black thumb is irrelevant here! These plants actually have a chance to make it!!


Mama-Beans said...

I too enjoy mowing.. I LOVE that smell!!
Yay for the electric mower! We considered it, but the yard we had/have is much too large for it to make sense.

Davinie said...

I'm glad you finally have a lawn to mow... and yes, the climate you live in will be great for all sorts of flowering shrubbery. I'm excited to see it one day when you invite me to visit. We are getting a new bed with part of our tax return. Interested in purchasing a California King for the spare bedroom? I'll give you a good deal!

Davinie said...

You'd still have to get a box spring.... but the mattress could be yours!