Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beer Karma

Ethan likes, or shall we say ~loves~ Alaskan Amber. We know this. To recap, we spent our first anniversary touring the Alaskan Brewery in Juneau, we had a bar specially bring in Alaskan for Ethan's 'retirement' from Argens, we had a keg of the Amber for our wedding reception.

So, it seems only fitting that we/he had the experience he did this past weekend. We were tailgating (actually, we Dalegate. We are getting T-shirts next week as charter members of the Dalegaters. Dale is a current Argens employee who tailgates with us at Argens in the parking lot. He has a Dalegating with the 'Hawks banner and lots of fun stuff. We now have a TV with an extension cord to watch other games around the league while we imbibe, and a nice BBQ and tons-o-food and beverages and it is all good. But, I digress....)

So we are Dalegating, and this car pulls up to parallel park in the spot Ethan and I usually park in (our car is broken so we took the bus that day). We notice it has a lovely tow hitch on the back with an Alaskan Amber beer tap on it. Very cool. It did extend the length of the vehicle by a couple inches, and therefore make it harder to park, but still very cool. We assisted the guy in squeezing into the spot.


He turns out to be ~the~ distributor guy for Alaskan in the area. He just so happens to have a pony keg in his trunk of a NEW beer they are coming out with which will not be available until March 2007. It is called Alaskan IPA. He taps the keg and whips out a stack of Alaskan Brewery cups and gives us all 2 hours worth of beer. We gave him a sausage. And a bun and ketchup. And the aforementioned parking assistance. Everyone went on and on about how much Ethan loves Alaskan Amber. On and on and on. So the guy whips out a fancy schmancy 10 pocket thick, warm fleece jacket with the Alaskan Brewery logo on it. In Ethan's size. Gave it to him as a supporter gift.

Let us just say that Ethan was really warm at the game with that extra coat on.


Mama-Beans said...

Oh, that's AWESOME!!!

makes me want to support some type of sport. Dalegating sounds like SUCH fun!

Davinie said...

Very cool.