Monday, November 06, 2006

Okay, I know I told some of you (well, Davinie), that I would put up pictures of the scrappy projects I did at the convention. You may notice that they are not currently visible.

My bad.

We watched football all yesterday, and had a Sonics game in the afternoon, so I was a bit busy. Yes, it takes 2 minutes to do. Surprising how hard that time can be to find......

Today is Monday Night Football versus the crappy Raiders, so I am going straight from work at 230 to the bar down the street to reserve a table for Ethan, Justin, Kim and I, and from there we will go to the game to get soggy (supposed to be TWO INCHES of rain today, which is amazing, considering that the rain we are getting is like a massive thick mist, not real drops, just a THICK fog of wetness. Kinda like a cold sauna). At least our seats are under cover. Except that the mist is moving in a sideways fashion. Oh, well. I have a warm coat and a scarf and a fuzzy Seahawks hat.

We bought a laser light for the kitties. They LOVE it. Shadow is going to lose some serious ounces if he keeps this up. They totally freak out when they see the little red light. More than catnip, even. It is funny to get them chasing it in a tiny circle. When you stop, their little heads bobble and they fall over. It is all fun and games until you give your cat a seizure, right??

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