Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My stupid car is stupid broken and now I have to pay LOTS of money and it just sucks.

The 'check engine' light came on (for like 5 minutes), so we called the dealer and scheduled an appointment--we are due for our 60k mile service anyway (cha-ching...). And of COURSE the problem is not related to the engine/transmission/exhaust systems that are covered in the 100k mile/10 year warranty, AND since we were over our 5 year 60k limit of full car coverage (we have 60,200 miles---VERY close, and we have had the car 4 years, 11 months and 21 days), so we have to pay for the stupid broken part--some sort of timer sensor thingy. $$$. AND....our brakes are quite low and need to be replaced (we already knew they were due soon, but STILL!!), and the battery is apparently very low and due for a replacement, AND 60k is where you are supposed to get a new timing belt, which is ALSO $$$$$$ to have done.

All of that being said, we are out a high 4 digits of money, and it sucks. We did get a loaner car for while ours is in the shop, and we are getting a better brake deal from Meineke instead of our dealer, and will buy a battery for much cheaper than the dealer, and put it in ourself, or have Justin's brother Austin, who is a mechanic, put it in for us in exchange for a case of beer. But STILL!!!!!


Mama-Beans said...

OK yeah, that sucks.

Davinie said...

Good luck! It's too bad everything went out at the same time... but the car must be maintained. Sounds like you have friends that can help cut the cost, though.