Thursday, September 25, 2008

I just signed up for the Seattle (well, Bellevue) CKC Scrapbook convention in November. I am in need of inspiration and ideas to expand my creativity. Still hard at work on my Australia album, although it has now been a full YEAR since I went there. Well, a year on Sunday. But almost a year. Oh, how I want to go back!!

I am talking Ethan into a 2-week trip in 2010. If we plan enough in advance, we can use our air miles to fly either to Europe or to Australia. I am letting Ethan pick where he wants to go. Well, if he picks Europe, I am totally taking over WHERE we go in Europe, but he can decide which continent he wants. See how I share???

Next year, we are probably doing a cruise with Kim and Justin (Kim just got hired onto Holland America and gets a free cruise a year, plus a 50% discount for friends and family). Probably do that in the spring. I am also hoping to schmooze into a Vegas trip with the Merritts in late spring, then maybe go to our timeshare in Puerto Vallarta in the fall. Ahh, travel.

But, I digress.


I want to get started on a Hawai'i album. I just got back, so the memories are still new and I remember all the details. I am such a discombobulated scrapper, I have NO continuity in what has and has not been scrapped. I am deciding to forget all the pictures I have, and only scrap vacations. I have my pics organized into big folders by year, then broken down into subjects within that year (For example in 2008, I have a folder for Mazatlan in April, a folder for Victoria in July, and one for Hawaii in September). This way, I can easily find pics when I know what subject I want to scrap, and they are all together until I DO scrap them. Anyway.. Someday I will be...well....MORE caught up than I am now.

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