Friday, September 26, 2008

With all the crap going on in the economy today, I am SOOOO glad I am in a stable position.

I am thankful that Ethan and I work for the state, in jobs where you can't get laid off, and only if we do something stupid can we get fired.

I am thankful we are not stupid.

I am thankful we have disability insurance, so if something DID happen to one of us, we would still receive our salaries and not lose our house.

I am thankful we bought and sold the condo before buying the house. The idea of still paying the two mortgages we originally had on this house is scary.

I am thankful that Ethan had knee surgery, which made us decide to delay remodeling our kitchen and sock our $10K into savings instead of spending it. It feels like a security blanket.

I am thankful our fuel efficient car is paid for in full, and that we have a Metro VanPool to take us to work every day, and a metro bus to take us home, so we don't need to worry about gas prices.

I am thankful that JCAHO came to Harborview while my union was negotiating a new contract. The threat of us picketing while JCAHO was here made management cave in to our demands, and I have some great new perks and pay raises coming.

I am thankful that we have life insurance, so that if the worst happens, Ethan or I would not have to move out of the house.

I am thankful that we decided to refinance our mortgage last year into a 15 year, 5.65% loan that has no ARMs, no balloon payments, and a payment we CAN afford to pay.

I am thankful that Ethan is so diligent, we pay our mortgage a month in advance.

I am thankful that housing prices in Seattle have only dropped slightly, so we still have ~130K in equity in our house.

I am thankful that we have good insurance, where Ethan pays $0.91 a month for his medications, and his surgery cost us less than $1K.

I am thankful that we are in good health and live safe lifestyles and are not at risk of accummulating large medical bills.

I am thankful that we DID buy that timeshare (that we thought was a mistake), so we can travel and relax and get away, even in these turbulent times.

What are YOU thankful for?? I know we all have decisions we can look back on and be glad for.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and Ethan. I pray that all works out. Of course it's inherited genes at their best use. Love Gramie

Mama-Beans said...

LOL, my list of thankfuls is very different then yours ( and really has nothing to do with our present and future crap economy) but you did give me food for thought and some goals to aim for!!