Saturday, September 06, 2008

On Maui

Yesterday, we caught a short 45 minute flight from Honolulu to Kahului on Maui. From there, we rented a car, headed to Costco then Safeway to stock up on supplies for the week, then drove through TERRIBLE traffic the ~25 miles to our hotel.

So, we are here at the Westin. Due to an unfortunate problem with our reservation, we had some check in problems. I will not tell you why we had problems because it makes me look like a complete idiot. We are supposed to have a studio facing the parking lot or a garbage can or something, but we ended up in a one bedroom suite, oceanfront. OCEANFRONT!! We have a square lanai with a view of the water and some palm trees. VERY cool. About 250 square feet bigger, with a little kitchen and a whirlpool tub and all sorts of neat litle touches. I have taken pictures with my small camera, but didn't bring the cord to connect it to my computer, so you must wait until I get home to se the pictures from that one. I have some awesome shots from our sunset sailing cruise on Oahu Thursday that are very nice. My goal of getting at least one picture nice enough to frame and put up on our wall is already realized....

We also had issues with our rental car. We paid $125 for a full week for an economy car (the cheapest we could find) Due to circumstances beyond our control....we now have a silver Mustang convertible. So sad that all our plans have gone awry. Have not yet taken the top down, but I am sure we will figure that out.

Our poor vacation plans have all been torn asunder. Can you find it in your hearts to send us some sympathy???


Mama-Beans said...



Have fun! At least tell us the foolish thing you did that ended up with an upgrade??!!

alyca said...

Okay....but tell NO ONE. Apparantly a YEAR ago (October 2007) when we got our exchange approval to come here, I checked the 2007 (not 2008) calendar....and I thought our reservation was Friday the 6th through Friday the 12th. Somehow we are actually scheduled for Saturday the 6th through Saturday the 13th. Kinda an idiot move. I handed them the paperwork that clearly says we arrive on Saturday, and turned every shade of purple when we realized there was a mistake. That having been said, I SWEAR that I saw a Friday to Friday reservation, because we were thinking how inconvenient that was, and that we would PREFER to have a Saturday to Saturday reservation. But, it IS written on my paper. Insted of telling us to screw off for a night and come back Saturday, they sent us to this fancy room, and aren't even asking us to move today to the crappier room we SHOULD have (I asked if we needed to move, TOTALLY okay with that, but she said to stay and enjoy it).

Davinie said...

I feel terrible for you. Really. Horrible. I'm sure that garbage can was gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

wonderfully unforgetable, best part is still being with the one you love.