Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Okay, a bit of a tirp report to go along with those pictures.

Saturday, we took off in the midst of my massive cold (thanks to Ethan). The dry air on the plane helped a bit, and the excitement of being on vacation probably did, too.

There was a certain amount of irritation when we nearly missed our plane (thanks to Ethan and Justin), and when we got onto the plane there was a couple with a baby sitting in Justin and Kim's seats (one row behind us, in the very front of the coach section of the plane). I guess they had booked two seats and a lap infant, being cheap and hoping that they could get an empty seat to put their baby/car seat into. I had run onto the plane while Kim ran to the bathroom to tell Justin and Ethan to get a move on. I saw these people in Justin and Kim's seats, and let them know that they *were* coming...they said they would wait. Like I would let that plane take off without my group!! Justin and Kim showed up, and these people tried to get them to move to the two seats in the back of the plane that THEY had booked. I jumped in and said no. We booked seats together so we could 'hang out' and chit chat. Don't be cheap and pay for two seats and try to get the rest of the plane to move around to accommodate you. Irritates me....

Anyway. Landed in Mazatlan, breezed through immigration with a green light (red light for Justin and Kim), then caught a taxi to our condo.

Checked in, met with Linda Zimmerman, the rental agent, and toured our unit. Two bedrooms, full kichen, small lanai with a table and chairs. Very nice. We were on the third floor with a partial ocean view/pool view. Got an ethernet cable so we could hook up to the (free) internet and Ethan could put out fires at work.

We toughed it out and headed into town to the Mega store for groceries. Had fun browsing around, getting breakfast and snack food, as well as drinks. Caught a taxi back home and began the relaxing portion of our vacation. I think we headed down to the pool for a bit, relaxed...and had a wonderful first day.

Back in a bit for day 2, Sunday.

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