Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tuesday, we went on a tour to Deer island. The name Mazatlan is pidgeoned together from the native word for 'deer', if you didn't know. Used to be a lot around here, not so much now.

Our tour started about 45 minutes late (boat engine problems), but once underway it was a good time. We tooled around, looking at the Sea Lion rock and other landmarks before we finally laid anchor off the shore of deer island. A small tender boat ran us to shore. On shore, there were several options for activities. Ethan and I sat in the shade for awhile, and eventually did a little snorkelling. Justin and Kim opted for the banana boat once we landed, and I have a humorous video of them being dumped off of it as they tried to leave the shore. They eventually made it out onto the open water and both complained of sore muscles for days in their attempts not to fall off of the boat!

The snorkelling was definitely so-so, but we pretty much knew it would be because of our location near the sea of cortez AND the pacific ocean. Ethan ventured further out than the rest of us and it sounds like he was rewarded with better sealife for his effort.

After snorkelling, we had a Mexican food buffet, and purchased a few coconuts that were filled with a variety of adult beverages. Ahhh....this is the life. Sadly, our journey came to an end shortly after this, and we headed back to the main boat and to the Mazatlan marina. We did see some dolphins playing off in the distance, and really enjoyed our tour.

The worst thing about this tour was that it got us home around 2pm....and we got hungrier later on that evening. Justin and Kim wanted to go to Senor Frogs. Ethan I thought it would be sorta like a Mexican Planet Hollywood, and did not really want to go.....but went anyway.

When you first arrive, you look up and see a variety of fake inner-tubes with butts and legs hanging down. Very cute. Then you hear the pounding music and signs and decor everywhere. A really cool place. We had some margaritas by the yard (mine was mango), and a nice dinner.
Four million drinks later, we left. At least it felt that way to me. I did go back and list all of the drinks I had, and I was shocked. I do *not* like the feeling of being drunk. I will drink, but have only been drunk maybe 3-4 times my entire life. Lets just say I was drunk this night. Enough to throw up (my very first time...and last!!). Too much of a good thing.
I had a mango margarita by the yard, 2 mai-tais, some blue tropical drink, 2 shots of tequila with the group, 2 shots of some sweet banana flavored monkey drink, some electric blue shots of something with the waiters...the list goes on. Suffice it to say that I had technicolor vomit later on. And I *did* feel better afterwards. Ethan and I danced for a couple songs at Senor Frogs, really had a great time. We were there for like 5 hours altogether and really did have a great evening with Justin and Kim.

And that was Tuesday


Mama-Beans said...

I am not even kidding when I say that that amount of alcohol would have killed me, or at least landed me in the hospital. My goodness you have quite the tolerance!!! I once got sicksicksick drunk ( as in, two days later I swear to gawd I was still drunk and sick), it was off of 5 shots of tequila. Never again. Oh, I get drunk easily, but never like that, and never will again.

alyca said...

I am pretty sure there was no alcohol in the mango margarita, and the banana shots were some foofy girl drink.....but I nearly diet myself with all of that.