Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pancho's did not disappoint. A wonderful meal, served oceanside. I ran to the shopping area just outside as we waited for our meals so I could buy myself a bracelet. Whenever we go on vacation, I buy myself a necklace or bracelet as a souvenir of that trip. Nothing too fancy (in Victoria, I spent $5 on a cool abalone bracelet that I wear a lot), but something I can look at and remember where I got it from. I bought a beautiful Cat's eye bracelet set in silver. A variety of blue/grey shades that I love.

Oh, my bracelets. I will have to take pictures of them to show. I have a simple ankle bracelet with Larimar, a light blue colored stone with white patterns in it from the Dominican Republic; a freshwater pearl bracelet from Sydney; a silver and gold plumeria flower bracelet with swarovski crystals from Maui, with a matching puka bead necklace; the aforementioned abalone bracelet from Victoria; a silver and malachite bracelet from Mazatlan last year, as well as a silver sun-shaped bracelet from Mazatlan; and a beautiful sparkly green bracelet from Puerto Vallarta with crystals shaped into little flowers. I am not a jewelry person, but I WILL wear bracelets and necklaces, so I am building up my stash.

Anyway, I digress....

I bought my bracelet, as well as one for a coworker back home who refuses to travel but loves I get her bracelets when I vacation (that she pays for, of course...she gives me a budget and I go to town).

The flaming picture above is included solely because of the guy in the background. THis is a picture of Kim's Mexican coffee. A huge production involving flames and sparks and all sorts of alcohols. They finished it with cinnamon on top, and I have to say (as a non-coffee drinker), that it was pretty tasty. Anyway, the older guy in the background of this pic was there with his wife and adult daughter. Being a jerk. Probably pretty drunk, but he kept yelling at his wife and being obnoxious and rude. Eventually, the wife and daughter left him, and he spent the next 30 or so minutes we were there calling his wife's cell phone (she would either not answer or hang up on him shortly after he started talking). I guess you had to be there to appreciate the hilarity, but he kept screaming into the phone 'you are my wife!! How could you leave me?! You are my wife and I love you', and then she would hang up on him. A drunken obnoxious man. The restaurant owner kept coming by, gave the guy a free drink, and some coffee, offered to get him a taxi, but the guy was pretty beligerant and very drunk and kept calling his wife. I guess this sounds sad and horrible, but it was hysterical if you were there. He was still there when we left, screaming into his cell phone.

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