Thursday, April 16, 2009


We spent Sunday just hanging out. I was still feeling the effects of my cold, and was not up for a whole lot.

We played in the ocean with boogie boards for a bit, then spent a few hours lying on beach chairs in partial sun. Enough that I scorched my legs from mid thigh down, and Justin seared his calves and his feet. Purple people.

That evening, we decided to head into town. Antonio, the tour desk/activities coordinator recommended a restaurant in town on a beautiful square. There are 15 or 20 little restaurants spread out around this beautiful square. Since it was holy week, there were festivals and performances going on, and dozens of little street carts selling palm fronds woven into a variety of holy icons, as well as some in fun animal shapes. It is my understanding that these are burned the day before Easter, but I am definitely *not* a Catholic, so I am not totally sure on that one.

We wandered around, checked out the cathedral, then headed back to the recommended restaurant, Pedro and Lolas. Decent food and wonderful atmosphere. There were some older guys from Canada playing old Blues and R&B songs. Jimmy Hendrix, etc. Very nice. Justin and I were starting to feel our burns at this point, so we headed off...

We went to the hotel Los Flores in the golden zone, very near where we stayed last year. They have a nice little bar right on the beach. A nice place to sit in the cool evening. Totally randomly, Mike and Magdalena from LA(a couple we met last year at THIS hotel), were sitting there! We chit-chatted for a bit, then headed our separate ways.

To get back to our condo, we took a pulmonia. This is an open-air taxi, kind of like a souped up golf cart. A bit terrifying to drive around in when you get up to full speed in light traffic....but fun, too.

Most pulmonias have souped up stereo systems blasting American music. This one was no exceptiong. I can't imagine what it looked like to the cars behind us when we had a spontaneous breakout of the YMCA dance (including our driver) when that song came on. It did make the driver swerve a bit, and he *did* miss our exit (blamed it on too much tequila), but it was hysterical. A great end to our evening.


Davinie said...

I'm sending you this bottled stuff called sunscreen. Apparently you've never heard of it?

(yes, the snarking continues....)

alyca said...

In my defense....I was sick and needed a nap. And I only let the sun hit my legs...and I put a towel over my upper thighs so they remain pasty. And I am STILL peeling.

Looking forward to that care package...

Mama-Beans said...

And then...............?

( I also burn at a thought, and always seem to forget sunblock. Luckily my regular face lotion has some built in or I'd be lobster red in the face all the time)