Monday, April 06, 2009

We are here in SUNNY Mazatlan, safe and sound. Well, safe-ish. I have already managed to get a fairly painful sunburn, but only on my legs, so I am good to go. They are tough-they can handle a little pain.

No pictures yet, but I will get some up tonight. We just got our ethernet cord this morning.

Heading down to the pool for some morning wakeup swimming.

Yesterday was spend lying on lounge chairs by the ocean, and boogie boarding (or getting smashed by waves). We went into the old town part of Mazatlan for some sightseeing and dinner. Our plan is to hopefully do a sunset sailing cruise aboard the Patricia Belle tonight, go on a snorkel trip to Deer island tomorrow, do a Mexican fiesta Wednesday night, and Ethan and I are going Ziplining again on Friday.


Davinie said...

I'm not jealous at all. Just wanted to share that.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time.
Love Gramie

Mama-Beans said...

I hate you.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about you..
want to trade places? a liittle snow for a lot of sun??

Zip lining...


sounds like fun!