Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The first step

The first step is admitting that you have a problem. I have a problem. I have an inability to adequately reheat things in the microwave. I know you are all shocked, but there it is. I consistently give Ethan reheated food and leftovers that are insufficiently heated. He takes one bite then says it is freezing cold and goes into the kitchen to heat it up. And he is not being picky. On many occasion I have bit into some reheated morsel to discover that it is at best lukewarm. Being me, I go ahead and eat it anyway. Unless it is something that is icky when cold. But most of the time lukewarm does it for me.
Here and now I resolve to add at least 30 seconds onto the time my food (and Ethans) is in the microwave. Or at least 15. I don't know--when I hear it popping or see liquids boiling, I just can't stop myself from taking it out. I can just eat around the edges where it is warmer, and save the frozen middle for later.

Also today, I am admitting that mom has a problem. She can't find my other blog, so in the interest of saving myself a long phone call trying to describe how to get there, I am posting a link. www.digitalcrafts.blogspot.com Lots of layouts over there, an Orthopedic poem, maybe more stuff if I ever get creative again. Go check it out! (email me if you want to be able to add your own creative stuff-stories, poems, pictures, layouts, etc. )

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Mama-Beans said...

HA! I too have a problem.. I am a habitual OVER heater. I make a large cup of coffee in the morning, and i can be found to still be sipping that same cup at 5 pm.... constantly heating it up. Matt is most likely to scald his mouth on a burnt up hard chunk of leftover meatloaf.. that was perfectly soft when it entered the microwave.