Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday again

So long since I have actually WRITTEN anything here. Too busy being creative over on photoshop. I am thinking of giving up on 'real life' scrapbooking alltogether, and doing only digital. I am going to wait a month or so to decide (got that convention coming up in a few weeks), but if I DO decide to, I will either give away my real life stuff, or use it up and not get more. If I go just digital, I want to get a laptop computer that is just for scrapbooking. It would need a CD burner and some sort of intermittant internet access capability, but would be a ton of fun. I could bring it to work with me and use it on my breaks instead of reading. I have learned that it is about $3 to print off a 12x12 full color layout, with 50cents for additional copies (from one popular website with rave reviews) I also have heard that Costco can print 12x12, and many people just shrink things down to 8x8, but I don't think I want to do that. I am excited. Still learning, but every new layout I do I like more than the last one, and I am figuring out more and more tricks to make things look cool. I like when it looks like a regular layout, and you can't really tell that it is digital. My honeymoon ones are like that, I think. The Morgan layout was my first, and most simple and not quite as cool. I discovered kits with cooler background 'paper' to use after doing that, and 3d embellishments, etc. Very cool. I can figure out how to make some things on my own, but now I have 3D paperclips, tacks, eyelets, ribbon, etc. Very cool. Takes forever to do a layout, but I am such a slow scrapbooker anyway, it is about the same amount of time for me. I am excited to do my wedding album. I just last week ordered my negatives from our photographer, and they should be here soon. I am going to have them put onto CD's, then I can play away on the computer. Woohoo! So much fun. RIght now I am working on a layout of Morgan's first days. Not too much done so far, other than adding pictures to a background and making them 3D and adding a 3D tag with a cute quote I found that is applicable.
I am going to start another blog so this one won't be clogged up with photoshop layouts and pictures. I will use that one for creative stuff, and this one for randomness and new photos (not edited ones). I will post a link to the new blog once I get it set up.


Mama-Beans said...

ooh fun!

Mama-Beans said...

I must say, though... you really don't write often! I mean, I check this EVERY DAY.. some times a couple of times!!