Sunday, March 13, 2005

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Not a good song to get stuck in your head, but now, thanks to Sabrina, it is running around mine. I did appreciate the website that speculated whether Foo Foo was a rodent collection specialist for some sort of animal research laboratory, and just doing his job when that nosy Good fairy butted in and punished him. Poor Foo Foo.

So, I must say, watch Ladder 49. We rented it yesterday, and were not disappointed. Good stuff. We got Shark Tale, too, and are going to watch it tonight. Ethan is working overtime AGAIN today, and I am at work doing a workshop (no patients! Feels like a day off to me). Ethan has managed to get in 30 hours of overtime this week, if you count today. I finally got him to quit his cleaning job. I went to the H&R block guy to have our taxes done, and found that my original numbers were correct. The tax guy advised me that Ethan was being screwed in that job, and should either quit or ask for a huge raise. He was paying over 40% in taxes on that money, what with self employment taxes and regular taxes on top, and ended up making only like $8 an hour. Not good. So, he officially quit, as soon as they can find someone to replace him at Argens. I am excited. He can make a ton more by doing overtime up here, and is not tied in to working every Wednesday and Sunday. We can vacation without worries.
Speaking of vacation, I looked up tons of all inclusive places in Mexico, and I want to go to Puerta Vallarta and stay at the Riu something or other. Looks very nice, reminded me of Sandals, and is around $1050 for 7 nights. We could go somewhere else for maybe $700, but some of those places look pretty bad, and have bad reviews. This will be nice! Still not sure if Justin and Kim will be coming, but Ethan and I are definitely going no matter what. So there.

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Mama-Beans said...

Well I'm sorry your tax news wasn't better news... maybe next year, huh? Mexico will be such fun!