Thursday, March 31, 2005


Okay, so I have been slacking off a bit. Or a lot. Or completely. But here I am, adding another post, so I am sure I will be forgvien. Actually, I have been catching up on a lot of previously slacked things.
I just got back from the bank, where I FINALLY took that stupid SS check and opened up a CD account for it. Then linked it to my online banking, so now I can check it's growth every single day! Yippee!!
Also, I started looking for appropriate places for the second annual former-Cooper-kids-get-together-at-the-coast. Feedback would be appreciated......I figure that we need to have at least 4 bedrooms-one for the Fieros, Merritts, Amersons and Mom, and some place (maybe a bedroom, maybe a playroom with bunkbeds) for Jobie and Papa. Plus, possibly Alexsandra. Four nights, or five?? Tuesday through Saturday again?? What are our priorities--right on the beach, or is across the street/ocean view acceptable?? I found some with hot tubs--how fun would that be in the evening, with coldness around and hot water to enjoy! Also, are the pets coming again, or will they be staying with sitters?? Shadow and Boo will be staying home, but I know the dog owners out there are a bit different when it comes to travelling with their pets. A lot of places I have seen don't take any pets, and some will take up to 2 pets, so that does limit our options a bit, but I am willing to keep looking for something that accommodates all the pets, if that is indeed what you guys are wanting.
Basically, Sabrina and Matt, do you want to plan on bringing the girls, and Davinie and Steve, is Cooper coming? That info will help.
I am hoping to find several suitable places then consult with Davinie and Sabrina (who are we kidding--the three of us will be making all of the decisions on this thing), and hopefully have some place chosen and booked by late August/September. So there.
I am also busy searching for suitable and affordable-but-also-quite-nice all inclusive resorts in Mexico. Ethan and I will be going in late October, and possibly Justin and Kim will come for all or part of the trip. It will definitely be a lot of fun. Lets see, what else....I am doing an online scrapbooking course, which is a ton of fun. To see my scrapbooking stuff, check out and you can see my digital layouts.

Also, Terri Schiavo died today. Such a sad story, but so glad it is finally over. Vegetative state=no quality of life whatsoever. Not something to live with, but in my belief, it is the right and responsibility of the spouse to make decisions in this sort of thing. In sickness and in health, that is what you vow when you get married. If this is not sickness, what is? Tough decisions, but they have to be made, and regardless of the wishes of the parents who are unable to let go. It is called next of kin, it is a legal status, and it should not be messed with.
So, for those of you who are reading this, fill out a living will. Let your wishes be known to your spouse, your children, your family.
If something happens to incapacitate me, I want it to be known that I fully trust Ethan to make decisions for me. I don't want anyone to second guess him, I don't want any dissention, I just want support. He knows and understands my wishes, and I trust him to do the right thing for ME and for US. So there. Now, go out and tell your spouse what YOU want.


Davinie said...

First, Christmas. If you find something affordable that limits pets, we will find a place for Cooper to stay. We might do that anyway, because it isn't summertime, so we aren't frolicking on the beach as much, so it'a a plain pain in the watoosy to bring the Coop. So he might stay home.

Second, Tuesday-Saturday will work for me.

Lastly, Terry Schaivo. I felt like they all did the right thing, BUT, as a parent, I can see why it would be hard to let her go and let her husband make decisions regarding her life. Obviously she's just a bab, but I don't know how I'd feel about someone else getting to decide her fate, while I have to sit back and watch, and be supportive. It would be tough, and I can empathize with her parents. That said, her husband made the right decision.

Davinie said...

Morgan's just a bab.

Mama-Beans said...

Chloe and Lola will find a babysitter for Christmas... It's just too much hauling both of them and all their stuff, and Raegan and all her stuff, especially when the pups can't go off leash. no fun.
Priority, for this family, is affordable accomidations. Hot tub would be fun! walking distance to beach, maybe?