Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday again

Reading over Davinie's blog about travelling, I started thinking about her comments about urban/rural life. I really like it here. I find beauty in the sunrise and sunset over the downtown that I see as I arrive or leave work. I love the look of the silhouettes of the buildings with their lights on in front of an indigo sky. I like being able to do so many things so easily, because everything is at most a short drive away. I also like rural life. I remember all those summer evenings I spent sitting on the roof in Crane, taking pictures of the sunsets over the horizon, unbroken by more than just a few houses. I remember how many stars you could see, away from the nightly haze of manmade lights. I remember the quiet. It is never totally quiet here. It quiets down enough so that you don't notice any sound in particular, but never totally quiet. We go to Lincoln Park and can be amidst trees and grass and bushes and beach, but there are always dozens of other people around enjoying it with you. I remember climbing up to the 'C' every day, a practice of solitude as well as exercise. On any given day, I enjoy the aspects of both worlds. I know Ethan and I will always live in this area, and I am happy with that. We have looked at a bunch of houses lately (online), and I am excited to see many houses in Burien, just south of Seattle, with 1/3 acre lots. Some are woodsy (read: little landscaping/upkeep needed), some are huge lawns with trees to border. That would be nice. There ARE more rural/less urban areas hiding in this area, and it would be nice to find a house with a little solitude and privacy. Maybe I won't see all those start I saw in Crane, but I can enjoy the quiet.

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