Sunday, September 16, 2007

After crossing the bridge, I went to the Pylon museum, located appropriately enough on the south east pylon of the Harbour brigde. Cool views, great stories. And cheap.

After the pylon, I walked through the Rocks area, going to the sunday market. Very cool. Bought myself a freshwater pearl bracelet for $45 AUD (about 38USD). So pretty! I also got a very cool scrapbook albut, I think it is about 8x12. It has thick chipboard for a cover with the shape of Australia laser cut out of it so a red paper shows through. I guess I know where all these pictures are going to end up!!

I wandered around, had a chicken wrap at the Opera House bar located right on the water, then went inside to hear the Australian National Orchestra in concert. It is really nice inside, with hardwood floors, but the chairs are covered in a bright bubblegum pink fabric that kinda takes away from the majesty of it all.

After the concert, I was TIRED, so I headed back to the hotel by ferry, rather than walking through town and across the bridge again. I checked into my room, attempted to get onto the internet and failed. So I put in the Lord of the Rings movie I brought with me, and fell asleep at 7pm, shortly after it stopped. I woke up, stopped the movie, put the laptop away and finally got some good sleep.

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