Sunday, September 16, 2007

WOOHOO!! I am now internet enabled!!

Okay. Friday. I am on the plane at Seatac, waiting to leave. And waiting. And waiting. I have about 90 minutes between the expected landing of this flight and the takeoff of the flight to Sydney. After about an hour, we finally leave. Apparently there was a problem in an electric panel that controls the radios, which are kinda important.

In San Francisco, I am not even sure if I am going to make my connection. At the gate, there is a United airlines guy who grabs all the Sydney people (10 of us), and puts us into a van that drives directly to our plane. We board, and it takes off.

The flight. An entire book should be devoted to this l-o-n-g flight. Or maybe two, which is the number of books I READ while aboard. They fed us three times--dinner, a snack, and breakfast a couple hours before we landed. They showed moview--Spiderman 3, Surfs Up, Fantastic 4 and Fracture. They gave us warm wet wipes with tongs to wash our faces and hands. THree times.

I took Advilpm around 130am Seattle time. It doesn't work. No sleepiness, no wooziness. Just regular tiredness, which is not enough to keep you asleep on a noisy, uncomfortable plane. I bought a neck pillow in Seattle, hoping it would help. It did, but I really needed a drug to help knock me out. I will try something different for the journey home.

As we were arriving into Sydney, I could see a lightning storm out my window. Pretty cool!!

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Mama-Beans said...

That lightning storm actually IS pretty cool!