Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sydney, Day 4

This evening, we went to the opening ceremony for the championship. THere are 18 countries competing. Apparently there are 60 countries worldwide with dragonboat federations, and once there are 73 they can petition to be included in the Olympics as a sport. Pretty cool! They are already going to be included in the 2010 Asian games, which is a sorta regional Olympics for that part of the world.

We left early, since Mom fell asleep during the festivities. We stopped of at 7-11 on our way home to get some bottled water for tomorrow, then up to bed. The bus leaves tomorrow at 0645, so we have a long day ahead of us.

Wish mom luck!!


Davinie said...

Good Luck Mom! I'm in the future, you know... and you did awesome!

Mama-Beans said...

Have FUN Mom! Thinking of you, crossing bits and pieces!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Bonnie,
great job on the photos Alyca.
hard to believe I can find them.
yes yes yes