Thursday, September 13, 2007

And.......I'm off

Okay, this is it. I am packed (mostly). I am ready (pretty much).

I spent Wednesday making two lasagnas and a pot of spaghetti sauce to freeze for Ethan to eat while I am gone. That, along with a case of Gatorade, a case of OJ and two massive bags of chicken wings are his sustenance for the next fortnight. Wish him well.

The most wonderful news I got today is that I need to meet mom at 9am on Monday at the airport instead of 0630am as was originally planned. Sleep!!!!

The weather report for both Sydney and Cairns is looking favorable, with temperatures around 70 degrees and dry in Sydney and in the mid 80's in Cairns.

I plan to start blogging on Monday, the 17th. I have no idea what time it will be here, but I will blog that afternoon from our hotel where there is wireless access. I think Seattle is 7 hours ahead and a day behind. So.....Sunday night?? Something like that.

Look for more updates from me once I am downunder!!!


Mama-Beans said...

YAY! I am so excited fo ryou! DON't forget your cord for your camers ao you can download pictures! I'll be obsessively refreshing over here in Boring, Oregon!

Davinie said...

Yippee! Looking forward to your blog updates! I hope you got that little journal album, and that you get it all filled out before you get home!

Davinie said...

How are you doing? Getting used to the timechange? I have to tell you, when you get to Sunday, it's a fairly nice day! Looking forward to hearing from you! I hope you started that journal!