Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All's quiet on the Breastern front.......or......Being a big Cyster

I have been spending an inordinant amount of time lately thinking about my breasts. Or at least the right one.

A couple weeks ago, as I ran up the stairs in my house, I put my hands over my boobs as I went up (to minimize floppage with no bra). I randomly felt a lump behind my right palm. After a quick check in the bathroom and a double check by Ethan, I confirmed that I had a decent sized lump in my right breast. Which was funny, because I play with my boobs ALL the time and you would think I would have noticed something like that earlier.

But I digress.

I called the Swedish breast care clinic and set up an appointment for February 11. It was really cool. The mammogram machine is no joke! Mom has long complained about the vice grips they attach you to, and she was not far from the truth! I had a mammogram followed by an ultrasound to give me a clear diagnosis. The verdict?? A large cyst. Thumb sized (about 2 inches long), and eggplant shaped (according to the doctor. Not the fruit/veggie I would have thought to use as a description, but it really does fit). Because of the moderately large size, he gave me the option of having it drained or waiting and seeing. I am waiting and seeing. If it doesn't bother me, it can stay there, but if it gets any bigger I will be lopsided, and we just can't have that.


Now I am a big Cyster!!

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Mama-Beans said...

Oh geeze! Well. Glad it's just a pussy lump of nothing, and all that.. but dang girl! Go get that puppy drained before it calcifies and turns into something hard.. like a walnut, rather then a squishy eggplant. ( and really, have you HAD eggplant? Not good. not something I'd want to tote around on your "flappy" friend..)