Monday, February 18, 2008

The language wall I make every year at work. I have finally learned my lesson and I am laminating the words with fancy scrap-paper so I don't have to go around year after year getting people to give me their languages. My only rules are that the language must be spoken by someone who works at Harborview, or by a patient we have that gives us their language--no looking things up on Google. I am told that the arabic I have is misspelled, but still need to get ahold of the arabic speaking nurse who gave me the original so I can figure out what I need to change. Pretty cool? I put it up at Thanksgiving and take it down after the New year. In years past, I had more than 20 languages, but writing them on paper with a sharpie is much easier than cutting them out of scrap paper, so it was a little lean this year.

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