Thursday, February 14, 2008

A cool article in the Seattle PI today about why we love Seattle. Not all of these apply to me (razor clams?? Eeewwwww), but still cool.

A Valentine to Seattle ...
Thursday, February 14, 2008
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Because so many people feel ambivalent about Valentine's Day, the P-I decided to turn away from the world of couples and instead looking outward toward the city. Herewith, some of the many reasons to love this place, even in the gloom of February.

Razor clams, Dungeness crab and black cod

Bonfires at Golden Gardens Park in Ballard

Power-tool racing in beautiful downtown Georgetown

Public staircases

Richard Hugo House when serious teenagers are reading serious poems

Top Pot doughnuts on Fifth Avenue as the Monorail glides by

The shocking red meeting room floor at Seattle Central Library

Madison Street's hilly traverse from Sound to lake

Outdoor movies

Running along Alki at sunset

Driving across state Route 520 with Mount Baker to the north and Mount Rainier to the south

Citywide panic when it snows

Panama Hotel for its ground floor tea room and respect for hidden histories

Awesome, ever-changing clouds

Hearing elephants trumpet when walking through Lower Woodland Park

The kiss of cold, wet wind

Uncontrolled intersections

Dogs on buses

Annual Space Needle passes

The community pot patch in Discovery Park

The Fun Forest (R.I.P.)

Whitecaps on Elliott Bay

Direct flights to London

Old grunge musicians all cleaned up

Vera Project

Kubota Gardens

Interlaken Avenue

The Ballard Locks

UW canoe rentals


Assisted-living facilities for drunks (hooray for harm reduction!)

The view from the Aurora Bridge

The views from all the hills, for that matter

The Space Needle as a sci-fi beacon of hope

Beer and garlic fries at a Mariners game

The vaguely sick-yet-victorious feeling often produced by attending a stadium event

Seeing the latest costumes on "Waiting for the Interurban" sculpture in Fremont

Native writer Charles D'Ambrosio, who referred to the "Waiting for the Interurban" sculpture as "my nightmare"

The clouds part and Mount Rainier is revealed

Pro women's basketball team Seattle Storm, now owned by local women

The wild length of Burke Gilman Trail

Ezell's. In particular: Ezell's mashed potatoes drowned in gravy

Dick's Drive-In: in particular Dick's Deluxe at 1 a.m. after one cocktail too many

Gates Foundation

Pike Place Market's flowers, cheeses, magazines and citizens who call it home

The view of Elliott Bay from the top of the Alaskan Way Viaduct

The dream of taking down the viaduct to open up the waterfront

Hot coffee and cookies at Magnolia Post Office at Christmas

Houseboats on Lake Union

Fantasizing about living on a houseboat on Lake Union

Lawrimore Project's pink-striped exterior

Safe and Sound Swimming's 90-degree pool

Northwest Film Forum

Seattle International Film Festival

The Cinerama

The Lusty Lady and its witty marquees (best current example: "American Eye-Dolls")

The strippers who work for the Lusty Lady

The janitors who clean up at the Lusty Lady

The museum guards at SAM across the street

The new SAM

The spunky Henry Art Gallery

The revitalized Frye Museum

Live theater: infinitely varied

The jeweled skyline mirrored in the water as the ferry glides out of Colman Dock

Pioneer Square's pergola, the graceful 1910 landmark that even a sharp-cornering 18-wheeler couldn't kill

The autograph wall at All for Kids Books & Music

Yesler Way school-day mornings: all ethnicities await the yellow bus

All cars still stop for the school bus, in both directions

Urban wildlife: raptors, coyotes, sea mammals, great blue herons, raccoons (and the volunteers who look out for them)

"Open Door Day" at the mayor's office

75 to 80 degrees in the summer, at least until global warming kicks in

The Smith Tower: elegance in architecture

Walks at Shilshole Bay Marina

Fran's Chocolates: There are pretenders to the throne, but Fran is still the queen

Urban Rest Stop

Olympic Sculpture Park

Fremont Troll's ugly mug

The lumbering comedy of "Adjacent, Against, Upon" in Myrtle Edwards Park

The SLUT going nowhere

The Greenlake loop, full of people, dogs and ducks

The hot ladies who jog around Green Lake

The hot guys who jog around Green Lake

The cold misanthropes who walk around Green Lake, or decide not to

Seattle Central Library for its sweeping blue diamond grid

EMP for being a sculpture, not a building

St. James Cathedral for gravity, air and light

Jazz Alley: great musicians up close

Safeco Field's upper west concourse awash in afternoon sun

The enthusiasms and ingenuity of chef Tom Douglas

Beacon Hill with its shining industrial views

"Louie, Louie" during the seventh inning stretch at Safeco Field

Native son Jimi Hendrix, adopted son Kurt Cobain

The rise of local hip-hop

Emerald City Soul Nights

Home Alive and the refusal to forget murdered singer Mia Zapata

Fresh salmon

Uwajimaya food court

Uwajimaya bookstore and its multicolored, pricey notebooks

Downtown temps on lunch break, writing down their thoughts in overpriced notebooks

Rat City Rollergirls

23rd Avenue and Union Street on Sundays, when church is getting out

Meredith Matthews East Madison YMCA

The way walking up Queen Anne makes your legs strong

Seattle Symphony's Tiny Tots weekends

Jumping into Lake Washington in early May

Rainier Avenue South and its fleet of nail salons

Archie McPhee's: where you can buy princess gear and fake severed fingers in the same shopping trip

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