Monday, February 18, 2008

It is official!

So, after much discussion, Ethan and I have finalized our travel plans. Sort of. We did book a hotel for a week in April, so assuming we purchase plane tickets in the near future (buy one, get one for $50), we are headed there. CHHEAAPP hotel deal--works out to about $50 per night.

In either early June or late July, we are heading to Vegas. Because of my vociferous complaints, Alaskan Airlines has given us a multitude of discounts that we must use before they expire, so we are taking two $150 off coupons and flying to Vegas for about $40 a piece. I am the queen of discount lodging, so I will figure out a hotel deal and off we go!

Sept. 3 we will fly to Honolulu (assuming we buy the tickets--buy one, get one for $50), staying in a hotel there for 2 nights (probably from Priceline), then flying to Maui (tickets from and staying in our timeshare swap for 7 nights. We will need to rent a car ( or since Kaanapali beach is about 30 miles from the airport. Then on the 12th we fly back to Honolulu then straight home.

Still lots of little details to work out, but the main plans are in place. We are tripaliscious again!!!

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