Friday, February 15, 2008

Because so many people feel ambivalent about Valentine's Day, the P-I decided to turn away from the world of couples and instead looking outward toward the city. Herewith, some of the many reasons to love this place, even in the gloom of February.

Bonfires at Golden Gardens Park in Ballard great place to hang out with some friends on a summer evening

The shocking red meeting room floor at Seattle Central Library the whole library is an experience in itself. Lots of bright colors, interesting angles and natural light

Driving across state Route 520 with Mount Baker to the north and Mount Rainier to the south only both visible about 50 days a year.....but so worth it!

Citywide panic when it snows sadly enough, this is true. The news reports on cold days are hilarious as everyone prepares for the tragedy of a sprinkle of snow.

Awesome, ever-changing clouds gotta enjoy the pretty parts of the rain!

Annual Space Needle passes wish I had one!!

The Fun Forest (R.I.P.) cheesy carnival games and rides

Whitecaps on Elliott Bay where else do you get such a cool mix of mountains and water??

Direct flights to London gonna take one of these next year!!

The Ballard Locks cool free entertainment to watch boats go through...even more fun when you are on one!

Assisted-living facilities for drunks (hooray for harm reduction!) actually, these save millions of dollars in ER thing!

The views from all the hills, for that matter Seattle is a view mecca

The Space Needle as a sci-fi beacon of hope It sits right over the Sci Fiction museum

Beer and garlic fries at a Mariners game even though I am anti baseball, gotta try this out. I know the view is amazing, and the stadium is world class

Seeing the latest costumes on "Waiting for the Interurban" sculpture in Fremont same thing for "walking on logs" in West Seattle. Don't know who dresses them, but there is always a theme!

The clouds part and Mount Rainier is revealed reason enough to live in Seattle

Pro women's basketball team Seattle Storm, now owned by local women can I get a woo hoo?!?

Dick's Drive-In: in particular Dick's Deluxe at 1 a.m. after one cocktail too many A Seattle legend read inside before you buy!

Gates Foundation billions of dollars to cure the diseases of the world

Pike Place Market's flowers, cheeses, magazines and citizens who call it home no place cheaper for fresh flowers and seafood

The view of Elliott Bay from the top of the Alaskan Way Viaduct

The dream of taking down the viaduct to open up the waterfront but only if they give us the tunnel instead!!

Houseboats on Lake Union so eclectic, so uniquely seattle

The Cinerama Massive screen, limited theater at its best

The Lusty Lady and its witty marquees (best current example: "American Eye-Dolls") Women-owned 'strip' club where the performers are in glass booths and money paid opens up a curtain so you can watch from the privacy of your own booth

The new SAM my bus stops there every day (Seattle art museum)

The jeweled skyline mirrored in the water as the ferry glides out of Colman Dock largest ferry system in the US, and best views of all

Pioneer Square's pergola, the graceful 1910 landmark that even a sharp-cornering 18-wheeler couldn't kill it was missed after the truck took it out, but is back and more beautiful than ever

All cars still stop for the school bus, in both directions Seattle drivers are notoriously polite and rule abiding

Urban wildlife: raptors, coyotes, sea mammals, great blue herons, raccoons (and the volunteers who look out for them) we have racoons living behind our house!

75 to 80 degrees in the summer, at least until global warming kicks in nothing beats Seattle in August. Dry, sunny and amazingly beautiful

The Smith Tower: elegance in architecture once the tallest building west of the Mississippi, soon it will be mostly condos

Fremont Troll's ugly mug why there is a 30 foot tall troll living under an overpass with a VW bug in it's grip is beyond me

The lumbering comedy of "Adjacent, Against, Upon" in Myrtle Edwards Park modern art is odd

The SLUT going nowhere and you can get your "I rode the SLUT" T-shirts everywhere! (south lake union transit)

The Greenlake loop, full of people, dogs and ducks people watching at its best

EMP for being a sculpture, not a building ugly, ugly, ugly, but I will accept it as art

St. James Cathedral for gravity, air and light I can see it's twin steeples from the north rooms at Harborview

Safeco Field's upper west concourse awash in afternoon sun supposed to be the best view in baseball

Native son Jimi Hendrix, adopted son Kurt Cobain don't forget about Bruce Lee!

Fresh salmon don't eat it, but I certainly can appreciate it

Rat City Rollergirls rollerderby lives

Jumping into Lake Washington in early May more like July....but boating on the Lake is truly not to be missed

Archie McPhee's: where you can buy princess gear and fake severed fingers in the same shopping trip none like it.

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