Friday, February 22, 2008

Lots and lots of layouts! I am slowly but surely making progress on my Australia album. I bought some 2.5 inch rings to replace the 3/4 inch rings the album came with. Lots more room for chunky pages! I still may need to go up in size...but it will look kinda funny if I get much bigger! Ethan says he knows where to get 6 inch rings (he uses them at times at work)...but that is RIDICULOUS, so I may end up making this a two-album album. But I would have to figure out another cool cover for the second one, because the burnt out image of Australia on this one is just so cool! I found a website for the company I bought the scrapbook from at the Rocks market, but it is MUCH more expensive to buy one online than it was to buy in person!

Anyway.....these layouts are from my second day in Sydney--I got up early and took sunrise pictures of the Opera House from atop the Harbour Bridge. There are a billion different shots, presented in my album in chronological order, so the first pages are the beginning of the sunrise and the latter pages are the more developed sunrise. After the sunrise, I headed to the airport to meet up with mom (and didn't), then finally caught up with her in The Rocks and went to our hotel together. There are a few layouts from my third day in Sydney (Tuesday), taken in the Chinese garden of friendship. I have LOTS more pictures from that garden be prepared for more of the frantic-ness that you see here with the Opera house.....just greener. And with an Asian flair.


Davinie said...

I love all your creative hidden journaling tag pulls. Very nice.
YOur style is totally different than mine. I can appreciate your clean and graphic look. Nice work! The only thing I haven't seen yet is a layout of the Opera House. Weren't you going to do one? I thought you managed to get a photo while you were down South.

Davinie said...

(insert devilish smile here)