Friday, May 06, 2005


It is nice to be appreciated. Especially on national Nurse's week. My patient yesterday said she wanted to clone me. While that was a bit odd, it was very sweet. I am not the worlds best nurse, but there are patients who have needs that match up with my strengths as a nurse, and this happened to be one. She was so upbeat about her hospital stay, I told her it was a pleasure to take care of her. Very nice. And, I learned a lot yesterday about pain medications. The education position I applied for (that I am not sure I want) is a focus on pain and spines. I love pain. It is what we deal with the most (that, and immobility issues). I had a long talk with the ARNP for the pain team about different narcotics we give, and the equivalency between the oral and IV forms of the same medications, and how they relate with each other. SOunds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, I am sure, but it was really interesting. I wrote down a little cheat sheet to help me remember. That will be useful when dealing with patients having pain issues. We most commonly give PO (oral) or IV morphine, PO or IV dilaudid, and PO oxycodone. We also give methadone, MSContin and Oxycontin for long acting pain relief. It was interesting to hear how they pain team decides what amount and what type of medication to give someone, and why. Pretty cool. Anyway............
So....our DVD changer broke a few weeks ago. Since it is a very nice item, we took it to a repair place, and found out that the laser was broken. Over $200 to replace it!! Ridiculous, but this IS the 400 disc changer, and worh more than $200. Yuck. But, it is ready to be picked up today, so that is nice. I am just not looking forward to having to put all the DVD's back in (in alphabetical order) and adding in the titles, etc. that is going to take forever. I can hook up the keyboard to it to make things a little faster, but it will still take a while.

I love Little House on the Prairie. It is on right now. That Nellie Olsen, she is a terrible girl. Takes after her mother, she does. Harriet just got doused with a bunch of water because Nels was installing a water closet in their house and she pulled the chain before he was done connecting the pipes so she was drenched. Such comedy! One of the all-time great family shows. Good stuff.

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Mama-Beans said...

You're such a silly bean.. Nelly Olsen... te hee!!

Sounds like you've found your niche at work! Pain stuff, huh? that sure is a lot of chemichal know-how... good for you!