Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Random crap

So I stayed late at work on Sunday, got off at 1130pm. There is a program through work where I can take a cab home a few times a year on their expense if I stay late for work. So I did that. At first the cabbie was asking me all sorts of questions--do I work there, do I take a cab a lot, what do I do, etc. Nice, pleasant sort of conversation. Then he saw that I needed to go to West Seattle, and asked me if I like West Seattle. I do. A lot. And I told him so, how I like the quiet ness compared to the rest of the city, etc. Then he proceeded to say "I don't like West Seattle....too many black people'. I said, excuse me?? And he said it again. I was silent. He said, 'you like black people?' kind of in a joking way, surely expecting me to say something neutral or possibly even 'no', and I said 'I am married to a black person'.
And we didn't say anything else for the entire ride home.
I wish I had gotten out of the car right then. We were stopped at a stop light right by the hospital--I could have gotten another ride and made a point. But I didn't because I was tired and it was late and I was still a bit surprised at the guy. He was young, of middle-eastern descent with a thick accent, and had seemed like a nice guy. But that was irritating.

Oh, the random stresses in my life. This really wasn't a big deal, but a fairly crappy way to end the day.

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Mama-Beans said...

What an absolute ass!! I would have knocked him on the head.. well, I would have wanted to. call the cab company and get his cab number and report him. not much, but at least it will have been documented anyway. So sorry!